Sunday, May 21, 2006


The new John Peel truely is the new John Peel

And instead of "Did you hear [some band] last night", try instead "Have you tried [some band] as a seed on"

It Rocks!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Parcel Force living the dream

Parcel delivery companies are universally rubbish, however until today Parcel Force used to be my least favourite of them all.

However, today I was sent a package via Parcel Force. The house number and postcode where correct on the address label. But ...

  • The street name was mangled, and basically wrong

  • The area was mangled, and basically wrong

  • The town was listed as London, when it should have been Edinburgh

So, first up they deserve mad props for delivering it to the right address. First time, within 24 hours of posting.

But what really rocked was that when I wasn't home to sign for it, they dropped it at my local post office. Not the local sorting office (which is anything but local). Not at some trading estate on the outskirts of town. But at the local Post Office branch that is about 2 mins walk from my front door.

Local, easy, and open at sane hours. The service, going by the label, is called "Local Collect" and it's the most sane idea I've seen from a delivery company ever.

Wonders will never cease.

btw : some other random thoughts about parcel delivery

  • Most people are going to be visiting a supermarket within the next few days. Why not let me collect parcels from there?

  • When it's an online order, why not email the recipient and ask if they would (a) like it delivered to their door asap, (b) like it delivered on a specific date (optionally for an extra fee), or (c) collect it from the local depot (or ideally post office / supermarket) at their convenience. Default to (a) if you don't hear from the recipient. It's better service for the customer, and reduces the wasted delivery attempts for the courier, at virtually no cost to implement.


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