Monday, March 06, 2006


How to make AOL Pay

re: AOL charging to accept email.

The solution here is to figure out a way to make AOLs mail servers work harder.

Like not accepting any email from them on the first couple of attempts, forcing them to store the email longer and retry.

Third time they tried to send it, you accept the email. No email is lost. People sending via AOL just find their email takes a few hours longer to arrive. Which surely can't be too unusual for an AOL user anyway.

There are lots of us, and if we can increase the load on AOLs mailservers by 5% that equates to a lot of money they have just wasted.

Best of all, they have no way to know if you are being nasty, or just have a problematic email server at the moment.

Another way would be to setup your "out of office" assistant to send a standard response to everyone with an email address that sends you an email.

With enough people on board, the increase in email to AOL's servers would start to add up.


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