Sunday, August 06, 2006


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Tell me how this makes sense.

I had a fairly up-scale Nokia 6680 phone. I lost it. All my fault.

I have phone insurance. £4.99 a month.

Doesn't cover loss.

I have household contents insurance at £28 a month.

It does cover loss (and everything else I might need covered on the phone).

Lesson 1 : If you have decent household insurance, you don't need the extra/seperate mobile phone insurance.

So I cancel the largely pointless mobile phone insurance from Citymain. For the record, I found their service to be exceedingly sucky. Sure, technically I should have read the (how many pages of) small print. In reality, I was paying a lot of money to cover my phone (compare the monthly premium to the amount of cover provided for the home contents insurance). They didn't cover it when I needed it, and more to the point, made the entire experience of finding that out a royal pain in the ass.

But get this. The household insurance has a £50 excess. For that, they will give me a new phone. Great. They will even sort out the SIM card (Three like to charge for the pleasure of replacing it), and cover the extra memory card I had.

But I can get the same phone, on a 12 month contract. Free phone, and the 12 months line rental is fully refunded at the end of the 12 months. Free. It won't cost me a penny. Ever.

Making a claim for a legitimate loss (and the first time I've ever done so) will cost me more than just taking out another contract

What is with the mobile phone market?


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