Thursday, February 08, 2007


Custom RSS/Atom tech news feeds

It seems The Register have quietly rolled out a feature that lets you get Atom/RSS feeds for any search you run on their website.

So if you want to see what Apple have been up to, but are fed up of iphone and drm news?

(Notice the - before iphone and drm? == "Exclude those terms from the search results please")

Then follow the email/rss/atom feed links on the bottom right of the search box

It's true that you have been able to do this with Google News for quite some time, but Google's results appear to be missing some ("Apple settles with Apple") and also just aren't as clean.

What I particularly like is that you can also filter out particular authors - John Lettice is doing some amazing commentry on the UK biometric (e)passports and ID Cards hoohaa that the government apppear to be making a right old mess of at the moment.

I can now have bloglines tell me whenever Mr Lettice makes a post!
(and follow the icon on the right....)

Or The Register can send me an email ... another feature Google News is supposed to have, but I've never found works particularly well.

Now if someone could just tell me the search terms that would exclude all the rubbish I'm not interested in ....


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